With 4.12 million miles of road and 222 million drivers in the United States alone; people spend an incredible amount of time in their cars.  In fact, according to the Triple A American Driving Survey people spend over 70 Billion hours driving each year. With that amount of travel, someone is bound to have car trouble along the way.  Roadway hopes to be your source for being prepared while you travel. So that you can reach your destination safely. 

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Best battery booster pack for cars
Battery Packs

Ultimate Guide to the Best Battery Booster Pack for Cars-5 Best

Honorable Mentions: Clore Automotive Jump-N-Carry JNC 660. This is a powerful basic battery booster pack. MOOCK 1500A Car Jump Starter. Powerful and compact. BONUS OPTION: GOOLOO 4000A Jump Starter for Trucks and SUV’s. Small and Very Powerful jump starter for trucks and SUV’s. Read more below. NOCO GB 40 Probably the most well-known battery jump…

car battery vs alternator
Car Battery | Roadway Questions

Bad Car Battery Vs. Alternator-4 Signs to Tell the Difference

Click click click….click click click…Oh no, the click of doom! You’re in a hurry but your car isn’t cooperating.  But, ‘what the heck?’, you just replaced this battery; why isn’t your car starting? This is always fun, especially when you’re in a hurry and need to get to work or drop the kids off.  However,…