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With 4.12 million miles of road and 222 million drivers in the United States alone; people spend an incredible amount of time in their cars. In fact, according to the Triple A American Driving Survey people spend over 70 Billion hours driving each year. With that amount of travel, someone is bound to have car trouble along the way. Roadway Ready.com hopes to be your source for being prepared while you travel. So that you can reach your destination safely.

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VIN Check Services

4 Best Options For A Cheap VIN Check

These are exciting times, you are buying a new to you car! But you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth, especially given the cost of buying a used car these days. However, before you buy you want to run a VIN number check; this article will help you find the…

What to do when you have a flat tire

What To Do When You Have a Flat Tire-4 Things to Remember

It is very disconcerting having a flat tire, and sometimes you may not know what to do. This guide will take you through the steps of what you need to do when you get a flat tire. In addition there are some flat tire FAQ’s

What Size Battery Jump Starter Do I Need?

What Size Battery Jump Starter Do I Need? 8 Things to Look For

There are many kinds of jump starters out there. What is the best one for you? These 8 factors will help you determine what size jump starter you need.

What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

What Size Jumper Cables Do I Need? 8 Things You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what size jumper cables you need? This simple chart will guide you the proper size for your car.

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Change Oil Before Road Trip

Should I Change My Oil Before a Road Trip? 3 Reasons You Should

When it comes to planning a road trip, there are many things to consider. One of the most important is making sure your car is ready for the journey; you might be debating whether or not to get an oil change. You might be thinking, “My car just had an oil change a few months…

5 Reasons Why Road Trips Make You Tired and How to Fight It

Road trips are fun. They give you a chance to spend time with family and friends, see the country, and make memories. But you must plan carefully because a good trip can wear you out. Why do road trips make you tired? But more importantly, how can you fight this tiredness? Buckle up and enjoy…

How Many Hours Of Driving Per Day Should You Drive on a Road Trip?

Road trips are a great way to travel,see the country and spend time with friends and family. However, they can also be pretty tiring. If you’re planning a road trip, you might be wondering how many hours a day you should be driving. From personal experience; I have been able to drive anywhere from 9…


What Is A Road Trip? 8 Tips For An Awesome Time

As people, we are in an interesting situation in our lives. We are coming out of Covid but still living with it. And we are eager to get back to ‘normal’ life, doing the things we used to do; but not quite the same.   For many of us, that is getting back on the road,…

How To Maintain Your Electric Car-FI

How to Maintain Your Electric Car

Once the sole province of science fiction movies, electric vehicles have started to edge into the mainstream. The auto-buying public no longer has to take out a second mortgage to buy a Tesla as manufacturers keep adding new models to their lineup every year.  You’ll find everything from subcompact budget models to family SUVs and…

red and black jumper cables

Red and Black Jumper Cables, Which One is Positive?

Jumper cables seem so simple, don’t they? There are two wires and two clamps, basically. But man alive, if you get those two wires mixed up, you are in for a world of hurt. So when you need to jump-start your car, it is essential to know which cable is positive and which one is…