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red and black jumper cables

Red and Black Jumper Cables, Which One is Positive?

Jumper cables seem so simple, don’t they? There are two wires and two clamps, basically. But man alive, if you get those two wires mixed up, you are in for a world of hurt. So when you need to jump-start your car, it is essential to know which cable is positive and which one is…

why did my jumper cables metl

Why Did My Jumper Cables Melt? Top 5 Reasons…

Having your battery die is bad enough, but when your emergency equipment fails it’s like adding insult to injury. If your battery has ever died, you know the importance of keeping jumper cables in your car. But what do you do when your jumper cables melt? Here are the top 5 reasons why this might…

what to know before you use jumper cables

4 Things You Need to Know Before You Use Jumper Cables

Well, it’s finally happened, you go to start your car and you get the click of death or worse…nothing at all. Your car battery is dead and now it’s time to bust out those jumper cables you have been carrying around with you. Before you call your friend to bring you a donor car, there…

Jumper Cables in Grey Scale

Do Jumper Cables Go Bad? What You Should Know!

‘It depends on your definition of “bad.” Obviously, it’s not ideal if they’ve corroded and you’re stuck with a messed-up connection. But cables don’t necessarily go bad; they can become less effective as time goes on, but only if the cables deteriorate enough to require replacement. So cables can become less effective with time, but…

Jumper Cables

Do Cars Come With Jumper Cables? 3 Things You Need to Know

We have all seen it. A red and black lifeline extending from one car to another. Hopefully, restoring life to a dead car battery from a live one. Yes, the jumper cables can be a lifesaver…if you have a set. All too often, however, you find yourself without a set of jumper cables when you…

Can you use jumper Cables in the rain?

Can You Use Jumper Cables in the Rain? Should You?

We don’t get to choose when our battery dies. What if it’s pouring rain outside? Can you use your jumper cables in the rain? Read on.

What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

What Size Jumper Cables Do I Need? 8 Things You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what size jumper cables you need? This simple chart will guide you the proper size for your car.