Emergency Car Kits

Emergency Car Kit for Baby

24+ Items for an Emergency Car Kit for Baby

Ahhh, babies. Bundles of joy that will change your life…mostly for the good.  I have had three babies, each with its unique challenges.  Let me tell you, as hard as you will try, you are going to find yourself underprepared one day. It’s the nature of having a baby.  From lack of sleep to being…

Emergency Car Kit for Summer

20 Items For Your DIY Summer Emergency Car Kit

With Summer fast approaching or already here, depending on when you read this, it’s time to make some plans.  Summertime offers many possibilities for some recreation and relaxation.  However, even the best-laid plans can be ruined if you are ill-prepared.   Even though you may relish the long hot summer days; those days are brutal on…

Car essentials for new drivers

12 Car Essentials For New Drivers – You Need These!

I have a teenage son that will be driving soon ( I’m getting old), but as he ventures out into the ever-increasingly busy roads, I want to make sure that he is prepared. So aside from the fact that I want him to be competent behind the wheel, I want to make sure that he…

DIY Emergency Car Kit for Winter

33 Items to Build a DIY Emergency Car Kit for Cold Weather

Driving in winter is dangerous enough. Help yourself out by being prepared. This is a comprehensive list of everything you need to prepare an emergency car kit for winter.