Roadway Tips

Drive-In Movie

13 Drive-In Movie Car Setup Ideas You Can’t Afford to Miss

Summertime is here and thanks to Covid-19 people are looking for activities outside their normal preferences.  While drive-in movie theaters may have been a novelty in years past, they have built-in social distancing measures that may make them more popular this summer.   There are only 300 or so drive-in movie theaters left open in the…

Donut Spare Tire

The Donut Spare Tire-Everything You Need to Know

At one point or another in your driving life, you will have the unfortunate experience of having to change a flat tire. Now, you can try to fix the tire yourself or you can replace the flat with a spare tire.  Most people think of the funny looking wheel when you think of a spare…

What to do when your car overheats

What to do When Your Car Overheats- 3 Quick Steps

    There is nothing like cruising around with your friends on a hot summer day and all of a sudden you have white steam billowing from your hood, your car makes a funny noise and then quits running.  An overheating car is not an uncommon problem, but a potentially dangerous one. Of primary concern is safety,…

Tips for driving on Black Ice

Don’t Panic! 11 Tips for Driving on Black Ice

Black Ice can be very dangerous to drive on and should be avoided. If you have to drive, however, here are some simple tips that will help you along the way.

Keeping a parked car cool

7 Easy Ways to Keep a Parked Car Cool in the Summer

Even during the winter here in Florida, the temperature reaches the mid 80’s during the day.  That means that summertime swelter and humidity are not far away. Every year we try to come up with new and inventive ways to keep our vehicles cool and protected from the heat during the summertime.  Unfortunately, there is…

Tips for Driving in Snowstorm

Essential Tips For Driving in a Snowstorm or Blizzard

I have a love/ hate relationship with winter.  Right now I live in Florida, so I LOVE winter. However, I did live in Maine for 13 years and the winter really put me through my paces.  I loved the winter if I could sit at home, watching television and enjoying a warm beverage. I hated…

best places to hide a key on a car

Where Can I Hide a Key On My Car? 7 Best Places

Many years ago I drove a 1997 Pontiac Grand Am, I was in my early 20’s and I really liked that car, it was fun to drive.  The one thing I absolutely hated about it was that the doors locked as soon as I turned the key on. On more than one occasion I was…