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Windshield Washer Stalk

How To Turn Your Windshield Wipers On-2 Easy Steps, With Pictures

It’s a dark and stormy night and you are driving home.  As the rain begins to fall you realize that you don’t know how to turn the windshield wipers on!  You can’t see, what are you going to do? Don’t fret, we are going to cover how to turn your windshield wipers on.  Generally speaking,…

Battery Jump Starter Not Charging

My Battery Jump Starter Is Not Charging-4 Reasons Why

Have you gone to use your battery jump starter and found that it is not holding a charge. There are reasons for this and ways you can maintain your jump starter

Jump Starter will not charge battery

Does A Jump-Starter Charge A Car Battery?

Your Jump Starter can do so many things. Can it recharge a dead battery?

What Size Battery Jump Starter Do I Need?

What Size Battery Jump Starter Do I Need? 8 Things to Look For

There are many kinds of jump starters out there. What is the best one for you? These 8 factors will help you determine what size jump starter you need.

Can you use jumper Cables in the rain?

Can You Use Jumper Cables in the Rain? Should You?

We don’t get to choose when our battery dies. What if it’s pouring rain outside? Can you use your jumper cables in the rain? Read on.

DIY Emergency Car Kit for Winter

33 Items to Build a DIY Emergency Car Kit for Cold Weather

Driving in winter is dangerous enough. Help yourself out by being prepared. This is a comprehensive list of everything you need to prepare an emergency car kit for winter.

Can Your Windshield Wipers Freeze?

Can Windshield Wipers Freeze?

Ah, wintertime. A beautiful time of year for some, but a potential nightmare for others.  Your car gets no exemption from wintertime. In fact, your car and its ‘extremities’ take a huge beating during the winter. Windshield wipers may take some of the most brutal punishment of all. So, can your windshield wipers freeze?  Yes,…

Maxsa Escapper Buddy-Best Tire Traction mat

Tire Traction Mats-Which is Best For You

Nothing can ruin a day like getting stuck somewhere you don’t want to be.  Getting your car stuck can happen at any time of year and in places, you wouldn’t expect.  Where are you traveling too? Are driving down a gravel road or do you have the possibility of an icy commute in the morning? …

Homemade Tire Traction Mats-

Homemade Traction Mats – Easier Than You Think

Wait, whaaaa?  You can make these yourself?  Absolutely, in fact over here at “How to get your car unstuck”, I mention carrying a 2×4; I always had one with me during the winter months. My level of success varied with a plain 2 x 4 but this was a rudimentary DIY traction mat, although with…

What to Do When Your Car Battery Dies

What Size Jumper Cables Do I Need? 8 Things You Should Know

Have you ever wondered what size jumper cables you need? This simple chart will guide you the proper size for your car.