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  • Windshield Wiper FAQ’s-6 and counting!

    Windshield Wiper FAQ’s-6 and counting!

    I think we often take windshield wipers for granted; they are sort of out-of-sight, out-of-mind. Until something goes wrong or we need to replace them. Here are a few frequently asked questions about windshield wipers that I hope you find useful. How Do I Know If Windshield Wipers Are Compatible? How can you prevent your…

  • 8 Reasons to Buy Clix Wiper Blades-My Review

    8 Reasons to Buy Clix Wiper Blades-My Review

    Finding the right wiper blades for your vehicle can be time-consuming. Which one is right for your vehicle? You can spend time in the store looking through the dreaded windshield wiper book to find the correct size. Or you can use the in-store “computer” to find which wipers are right for your car. But those…

  • Can Windshield Wipers Freeze?

    Can Windshield Wipers Freeze?

    Ah, wintertime. A beautiful time of year for some, but a potential nightmare for others.  Your car gets no exemption from wintertime. In fact, your car and its ‘extremities’ take a huge beating during the winter. Windshield wipers may take some of the most brutal punishment of all. So, can your windshield wipers freeze?  Yes,…