Emergency Car Kit with Fire Extinguisher – Which One to Choose?

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  • Date: April 11, 2022
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There are more drivers than ever on the highways and byways, which unfortunately means more accidents and more things that can go wrong.  So being prepared is absolutely essential if you do any sort of traveling these days.  

One of the most basic items of safety preparedness is a fire extinguisher.  You see them everywhere, in homes, in businesses, and in cars.  That’s right, it is prudent to carry one in your vehicle.  Hopefully, you will never need it; but like all emergency equipment you will be glad you have one should you need it.  

Finding an emergency car kit with a fire extinguisher is something of a challenge.  There are not many out there.  Most people opt to have a separate fire extinguisher mounted in there vehicle.  So we will look at two emergency car kits with fire extinguishers and then look at a fire extinguisher you can add to your existing emergency car kit.

My Recommendation

If I were looking for a fire extinguisher for my car, as a commuter and family man, I would not purchase a car kit that included a fire extinguisher. The ones I found available are more for commercial use.

I would build my own kit and include a fire extinguisher with my kit. And for that, I would include the Mini Firefighter MFF02 Multi-Purpose 4-in-1 Fire Extinguisher Eliminator.

It’s small and compact and would easily fit inside your DIY emergency car kit or one that you have already purchased. It also can fit inside a glove box or interior compartment in your car.

They are guaranteed for four years, although you will likely have to deal with the manufacture if anything goes wrong.

The reason I would personally go with this option is the convenience of being able to store this fire extinguisher. I have been driving for 25 years and I have never needed a fire extinguisher for my car…or anyone else’s for that matter.

I don’t want to go through the process of mounting a fire extinguisher to my car, and the emergency car kits that come with a fire extinguisher does not suit my needs.

However, if you need a car kit with a fire extinguisher, check out the options below.

Emergency Car Kits with Fire Extinguishers

Surprisingly there is not much selection of emeregency car kits with fire extinguishers included. Most people opt to add a fire extinguisher after market, so to speak. However, I did find a few to fit the bill.

All in One DOT OSHA Compliant Kit

This kit is built for more commercial use, (i.e. truck drivers, tow truck operators), which will help you to be compliant with regulations. This is a bare-bones emergency car kit, there are no frills here folks. You wanted an emergency car kit with a fire extinguisher and this is what you get.

What else is included:

  • DOT Compliant UL LISTED Fire Extinguisher 5BC Kidde Fire Extinguisher (with plastic mounting brackets)
  • DOT Complaint Set of 3 DOT Triangles in the plastic Box
  • Set of 12 Electrical Fuses. 6 Standard and 6 Mini
  • 10-Person, Bulk ANSI A Weatherproof First Aid Kit, Plastic Case – Kit complies with ANSI 2015 standards and meets or exceeds federal OSHA regulations

There are variations of this particular emergency car kit. There are models that come with a reflective safety vest, or an LED road flare.

It’s a simple kit that will help you out if you are a professional driver. Not really intended for the average commuter or family.

Safety and Trauma Supplies Vehicle Emergency Kit

Again not a family friendly kit. But it is more complete than the DOT OSHA Compliant kit.

Safety and Trauma Supplies Vehicle Emergency Kit

  • Type BC Fire Extinguisher- DOT Compliant
  • 12′ Long 10 gauge jumper cables
  • DOT Compliant triangle
  • 155 piece first aid kit

As I mentioned, there is not a whole lot available, on Amazon anyway, as far as emergency car kits with fire extinguishers. As I find more I will add them to this list

What is the Best Fire Extinguisher for a Car?

According to FireProductsDirect the best type of fire extinguisher for your vehicle is an ABC Dry Powder Extinguisher. Why an ABC fire extinguisher?

Because all of the materials that make up these classes of fire are found in your car.

  • Class A, common combustibles such as wood and paper, and plastics. The interior of your car is plastic and cloth or leather. 
  • Class B, burning liquids and gases. Again, your car has this, too. Fuel and oil, highly flammable…(cue Mr.Obvious).
  • Class C, electrical wiring, at the risk of sounding redundant; your car may have one or two wires in it.  

A chemical ABC fire extinguisher is the best one for your car.  It is small enough to be stored out of the way and its chemical composition puts out a variety of fires. 

Commercial trucks and RV’s are required to carry a Type BC fire extinguisher in the vehicle

Here are several options from Amazon:

Is it Safe to Put A Fire Extinguisher in a Car?

Yes, it is safe to store a fire extinguisher in your car, however, there are qualifiers to this statement.   First off, a fire extinguisher’s temperature storage range is from -40℉ to 120℉, which is a pretty broad range of temperatures.  

Fire Extinguisher IN STORAGE

Now, I lived in Maine for 12 years and it rarely hit temperatures that cold; and now I live in Florida where it feels like 120 but it’s only like 105.  My point is most people are not going to have to worry about these extreme temperatures. 

The contents of a fire extinguisher tested under extreme pressure.  The temperature inside your car is unlikely to produce the kind of pressure that will result in the fire extinguisher exploding.

That being said, components of a cheaply made fire extinguisher may fail.  Plastic heads and pins may give out over time.  This will not cause an explosion, but a nasty mess that you wlll need to clean up in your car. 

To prevent this from happening and to just ensure that everything is still in working order. A fire extinguisher that you keep in your car should be serviced every year.

Can you store a fire extinguisher in a hot car?

Just in case you needed more clarification.  Yes, a fire extinguisher can be stored in a hot car.  I found this article in the LA Times, from nearly 30 (!) years ago.  

Here is what the article had to say directly:

“Answer: The possibility of an explosion is almost non-existent, according to experts at several manufacturers of fire extinguishers and at Underwriters Laboratory, the organization that created the 120-degree standard.”


This article interviews several experts in the field and also discusses the rigorous testing that all fire extinguishers (in the US anyway) undergo.  I would feel pretty safe in storing a fire extinguisher in a hot car.

How Long Does a Car Fire Extinguisher Last?

Photo by Ralph Hutter on Unsplash

The general consensus is that fire extinguisher last between 5 and 15 years.  It really depends on how well the fire extinguisher is maintained.  This is also for a fire extinguisher that has been stored in the house.

I read that fire extinguishers stored in a car should be checked every year.  Due to the vibrations in the car, the chemicals inside get clumped.  This is no good, if the chemicals inside get clumped then the fire extinguisher doesn’t work.

So, every year,  your fire extinguisher should be checked on by a certified fire extinguisher technician.

Final Thoughts…

Hopefully, you will never need a fire extinguisher in your car. But it never hurts to be prepared, and one day you could be a hero. Not only for your family but for someone else. Please be careful and until then,

Safe travels…

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