30+Best Gifts For A Car Guy or Girl That Are Pretty Awesome

  • By: Jeremy Jacobs
  • Date: April 11, 2022
  • Time to read: 11 min.
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Oh man, it’s time to buy someone in your life a gift. What are you going to get him or her? A tie, some socks, a new belt? NO! Get them something awesome! Do they love to travel? These are the best gifts for the car guy or girl in your life.

From High tech selections to safety to just plain cool, to being prepared for the road these are the most awesome selections for the car enthusiast in your life.

Hi-Tech Car Gifts

Does the car enthusist in your life love playing the latest gadgets? These hi-tech car gifts are just the thing. They combine a love for the road with the latest technology, what could be better?

If you have your car lovers safety in mind, consider buying them a car hud display. This high-tech device has safety in mind by displaying key features, like speed and direction, without the need for searching for it on a busy dashboard. The easy button function and simple display allows your car guy to pick and choose the information to display. Because the display is on the dashboard, it eliminates the need to look down. Help your serious driver keep his eyes on the road with a car hud display.


Is your the car person in your life a serious driver who loves high tech toys? The Guta Tire Pressure Monitoring System may be the perfect gift for him. This high-tech device can monitor up to eight tires and two spares at the same time, read on a large LCD screen with auto backlight. And would you believe that it only weighs one pound. The car guy in your life will never guess what this is underneath the tree. With a power saving mode and both solar and USB charging, this toy is sure to be a big hit with any serious driver who likes high tech toys.


There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to find your car keys, especially when you are in a hurry. If your car guy is always losing his keys, maybe a key finder will be the perfect gift for him. But it’s not just for finding keys, the key finder works for all types of valuables. This sleek and attractive key finder could be just what your fave car guy needs. With a frequency range of 100 feet that can easily penetrate doors, walls, and furniture, the key finder makes it easy to find your keys or whatever it is you are looking for.


Does your car guy or girl love to go on long drives, just exploring? Are you heading out on an epic road trip? The Garmin Drivesmart 65 GPS Navigator may be perfect for him. This large 6.95-inch display is easy to see and includes traffic alerts and suggested alternative routes. This GPS is a true navigator and even adds information to make the trip more meaningful, such as noted historic sites. And smartphone connectivity allows the Garmin Drivesmart to be voice-activated and hands-free. This is a gift to seriously consider if you or some special likes long drives and exploring.

As safely as one drives, you can’t control other drivers and you can’t always avoid an accident. So, maybe your car guy is a parent who would appreciate Bouncie, a car tracking system that offers real time driving data, accident notification and roadside assistance for the purchase price of the device and a low monthly payment. Enjoy peace of mind. This small, sleek device can be a life saver for even the most carful driver and a must have for anyone who like long drives.

For some drivers, there’s nothing like time on the open road. With the Apeman dashcam, the driver in your life can relive their time on the road anytime they want. This 1080P full HD dash cam has super night vision and is sensitive to jolts. It will even lock the footage after a collision, so it’s available if it’s needed for an accident report. With this device, your car guy will get safety and fun, all in one.

Whether your car guy likes driving at night or during the day, this sleek looking and stylish license plate backup camera, with night vision is waterproof and shockproof and provides your car guy with the protection he needs to back up in the hardest, darkest places. Any tech-loving person would love this high-tech gadget.

DIY Mechanic and Tool Sets

Some people don’t care for technology. They like to get their hands dirty and figure out problems for themselves. Or they like to be prepared for the ineviable car breakdown.

For those individuals here is a curated list of diagnostic tools and tool sets from Amazon.

Some guys can never have enough tools and any guy who works on cars would truly appreciate a Prostormer 228 piece mechanics tool set. This multi-purpose tool set comes with the highest quality tools and a hard plastic case to keep everything safe, sound and organized. With a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can’t go wrong with a good tool set.

If the Prostormer mechanics tool kit is a bit too big, or space is an issue, Dewalt makes an 84 piece mechanics tool kit with many of the same attributes as the Prostormer.. The Dewalt tool kit offers the same quality tools and a hard plastic tool box to help keep everything in it’s place and with a trusted name like Dewalt, you know it’s got to be good.

Did the check engine light come on? Even if you or someone you know can get to one, there’s no need for you or themn to visit a mechanic or auto parts store for diagnostics when they have the Autophix Enhanced Diagnostic Scanner. Save everyone a hassle and gift him with this diagnostic tool for iphone, ipad, or Android. It even offers a battery tester! A must have for guys who like to work on cars.

The battery is the omega of any vehicle system and your car guy will surely find use for this Noco Genius1 Smart Battery Charger. It’s not just a battery charger, it’s an advanced battery maintainer with protection against overcharging. It’s a worry-free battery charger designed for everyday use on all types of vehicles, and will come in handy for any car guy.

Awesome Interior Accessories

Some people don’t care much for tech or doing their own mechanic work. But they want their car to look awesome and just want some cool interior accessories. Then this is the list for you.

Give your car guy or girl some awesome color with color-changing Govee interior car lights. They are discreet and easy to install strips and they even come with a microphone to allow it to be sound activated. The controller is easy to use and hard to lose. These cool gadgets are waterproof, touchable, and safe for children, and great for car guys who have families, or not. And they’re just cool.

Safety should be everyone’s concern and the car enthusiest should love this high-quality cell phone holder that fits on the dash. As the name says, it is a simple one-touch mount and dismount that lets the driver keep their eyes on the road and hands on the wheel. This gadget holds any size smartphone and is flexible to allow easy viewing. This is a great gift for any car buff.

Do you or a person you love, really dig their music? The Nulaxy In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Car Kit is a cool techy gadget that opens up more music listening options in the car. Let him play his music on the car stereo through Bluetooth, TF card, or aux cable. And it will even check the voltage of his car battery. This gift is sure to be a hit with a music-loving person in your life.

Keeping the Car Clean

I have three kids and having a clean car is a near impossibility. However, with the help of some fantastic cleaning products and stalwart car gear; keeping the car clean is a little bit easier.

Is your car guy or girl proud of their wheels? Help him keep the carpeting in good shape with these heavy-duty floor mats designed not to split or crack in even the harshest weather conditions. Trim them with scissors to fit any vehicle and the no-slip grip backing keeps them in place and protecting the carpet from rain, snow, mud, or whatever your car guy dishes out for them. A very useful gift.

The coolest of car owners take pride in washing their own cars and what better gift than a Konpard Ultimate Car WasCar Cleaning Tool Kit? This kit comes with nine pieces, including a tire brush, a heavy-duty sponge, and a microfiber wash mitt that can also be used for waxing, all in a neat little toolbox. The scratch-free products can be used on all interior and exterior surfaces, including leather and glass. This gift is as sure to shine as well as his car will after use.

Speaking of shining, the Jax Wax Exterior Essentials is perfect for home or commercial use. This fourteen piece professional grade full wash, wax and detailing kit uses only the finest ingredients and comes with everything your car guy needs to make his beloved car shine like new.

Make sure you or whoever you are getting this for can reach every inch while washing a their vehicle with this 2 in 1 microfiber wash mitt with an attachable long handle to reach those otherwise hard to reach places. It’s also great for trucks and RVs and is even suitable for polishing and waxing. This item is a must for any car care kit.

These are a must have for anyone who washes their own car. These extra large, ultra absorbant microfiber mitts will protect your car guy’s hands by keeping them dry and chemical free. These mitts are scratch free and safe for delicate surfaces and are an important part of any car cleaning kit.

This is more than a traditional handheld vacuum, this one comes with everything you need to detail the interior of a car. This vacuum swivels and has attachments for those hard to reach places and an extra-long 16-foot cord. It can handle dry or wet spills. A gift anyone is sure to use.

Chemical Guys is an awesome gift for anyone who insists on having the best-looking car. This awesome kit contains everything needed to clean and maintain a beautiful shine on any car or truck, even the bucket. The foaming sponge, which attaches to a regular hose, is a hit for all ages and is great at getting the whole family involved in washing the car.

Roadway Ready – Keeping it Safe

Emergencies happen when we least expect them…that’s why they are emergencies. We can not prevent them, but we can be prepared for them.

Anybody can find themselves in a bad spot and these are a must-have safety tool for all vehicles. A hammer for breaking side windows and a seat belt cutter in one, this tool could save you or someone you love life’s someday if he ever got trapped in a rollover, fire or water. This gift is a great way to show your love.

Anything can happen and no car is complete without an emergency roadside kit. This 90 piece kit contains things like jumper cables, portable air compressor, tow strap, tire pressure gauge, and headlamp, everything your car guy or girl may need if he gets stranded. This is a must-have for every vehicle.

There’s no need to search during an emergency. This compact, lightweight and powerful car escape tool can break side windows and cut seat belts, and is hard to lose because it fits on a keychain. Choose between easy to see yellow red and blue. Compact yet strung, this tool makes an awesome gift for anyone.

You or the driver in your life can be prepared for any type of emergency with this 32 piece emergency road kit by America’s most trusted traveling authority, the American Automobile Association. This kit includes everything from a screw driver and jumper cables to a first aid kit and poncho, and everything else your car guy could need if he gets stranded, all in a compact storage bag with handles. This is a great gift for all car owners.

Roadway Ready – Being Prepared

This is what this whole website is about. Being prepared on the road. While this list is not exclusive, these items will help you out.

If someone you know loves little gadgets, this digital tire pressure gauge is the gift for him. The backlit display allows easy reading and the gauge can be read day or night, and can be used in 23 degree weather to 122 degree weather. It promises accurate detection and has four settings. A long lasting battery is included and the gauge shuts off automatically to save battery life. A great gadget.

If your car guy hates asking for help, let him give himself his own jump with the Tacklife Car Jump Starter. This powerful but compact charger has a long lasting standby time, up to twelve months. And it comes with many extras like a flashlight, a compass, and a traffic hazard warning signal in case of an accident. Asking for a jump is never any fun and the Tracklife Car Jump Starter is a gift your car guy is sure to love.

If you know someone who loves the great outdoors, or even just exploring, this may be a great gift for them. This compact foldable solar panel comes with USB outlets to charge multiple phones, tablets, digital cameras and more at one time, anywhere.

A car is parked when it needs a jump and there may come a time when your car guy needs some extra long jumper cables. He could get a jump from behind with this high quality, 25 foot long, heavy-duty jumper cables. Now there is no need to try to maneuver two hoods together. They include a sleek travel bag. Anyone would appreciate being gifted these.

No more searching for an air pump at a gas station or finally finding one just to discover that it doesn’t work. The AstroAl portable air pump is such a convenient way to air up car, motorcycle and even bicycle tires! Just set the tire pressure and it does all the work. It includes easy to use accessories for airing up other things, like sports equipment, air mattresses and more. This makes a great gift.

Final Thoughts…

Well, there you have it. A selection of items for the car guy or girl in your life…or just for you. Have fun and

Safe travels…