Flat Tire

No Spare Tire? What to do When You Have a Flat Tire

There is nothing like coming out of your house or your work and you’re getting ready to leave and you notice there is a slight tilt to your vehicle.  “ What is this?” you ask yourself, so you get out and find a horrible scenario…you have a flat tire. What do you do now? Well,…

Washer Fluid Freeze

Will Windshield Washer Fluid Freeze?

After enjoying summer and having autumn full of activities; its time to bundle up and get ready for another winter.  You make all of your preparations for your car, switching the summer tires for the winter tires, checking the antifreeze level, etc. One thing that may fall off your radar is your windshield washer fluid. …

What Does the Slippery Car Button DO?

What Does the Skidding Car Button (Traction Control) Do?

Have you ever wondered what the skidding car button does? This article explains what the traction control system does.

What Does PSI for Your Car Mean?

What Does PSI in Tires Mean?

The acronym P.S.I. stands for Pounds per Square Inch.  Generally speaking, it is the unit of measure inside a chamber containing gas. In the case of car tires, its the amount of pressure air exerts when inside of the tire. That is the technical ‘definition’ if you will. Sooooo, what does it mean for you…

Is Fix A Flat Bad for your tire

Is Fix-A-Flat Bad for Tires?

The non-committal answer is “Yes” and “No”. Now let me qualify that answer and explain my position. Because every situation is different.  If you are in the “bad part of town” or “the wrong side of the tracks”; then “NO”, Fix a Flat is not bad for your tire… It’s good for your life. But…

Reducing Headlight Glare While Driving at Night

How To Reduce Headlight Glare-5 Things You Can Do Today

I used to love driving at night.  I loved the feel of the air, the amount of traffic on the road, the store lights.  It brings back memories of a simpler time. Now that I am older, meh, I can take it or leave it.  It’s more stressful now, gone are the carefree days. Perhaps…